I need some assistance with these assignment. on the fear of death by elizabeth kubler Thank you in advance for the help! Aside from talking about children and death, Ross also discusses the euphemism about death. The more that people are making advancements in science, the more people seem to fear and deny the reality and truth of death. People are now having more illnesses involving emotional and mental disabilities instead of physical impairments. Throughout the years, death has become more impersonal and dehumanized although our reactions and insights to it roughly changed. Great emancipation and knowledge of science have not given man better ways and means to prepare themselves for death. Ross also discusses the rights of the dead and the needs of the living. Patients are somewhat stripped off from having the right to make decisions for themselves. They are restricted as if they are things being treated and not humans. When patients rebel, they are being sedated to control them from breaking the rules set by the family members or doctors. Another important part is the distinction between a wish and a deed. This is expressed in Ross’ example of a child wishing that his father dies for his request was not granted nut the actual death of his father will cause him fear and distraught emotions.Explain the primary aim that you see in this essay. What is the author’s main purpose What is he or she trying to accomplish in writing this essay Elizabeth Kubler Ross’primary’s aim in writing the essay is to inform the readers of the reality of death and to instruct readers how to cope with death as well as discuss the right to be heard and right to an opinion of patients and the living.Explain the primary mode you see in this essay What is the method of organization (mode) used by the author The method of organization in the essay is a combination of cause and effect and the use of specific examples to explain a concept. The essay involves lining up related ideas for a detailed account of similarities and differences. In this kind of essay, it is important to notice whether you will be concentrating on similarities or differences. In general, the more similar things are, the more you concentrate on the differences, and vice versa.Explain the main point of the essay. Was the author successful in accomplishing his/her point The main point of the essay is for the readers to understand that death is an inevitable aspect of man’s life. As people become older, they usually become less interested in life after death and more concerned about death per se and about their own death. This is especially true of elderly people whose physical or mental condition has begun to deteriorate. When health fails, they tend to concentrate on death and become preoccupied with it. This is a direct contrast to younger people to whom death seems very far away and is thus of little concern to them. Elderly people who believe that they have the right to determine how they will die are urged to mak out a “living will”. There is nothing we can do to stop death and there is nothing we can do to prepare us for it. Ross is successful in presenting her point in the essay.

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I need some assistance with these assignment. on the fear of death by elizabeth kubler Thank you in advance for the help!
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