Hi, need to submit a 2500 words paper on the topic Business Strategy and Organization in Information Technology Industry. The strategic coalition with industry’s professional’s commitment to delivering the right manufacturing product to the targeted consumer with cost-effective approaches (Klijn 2007). Therefore, the current market industry efforts are in the strategic management performance with regards to a focused platform of customer satisfaction. The approach is a review of the competitive advantages of the overall site process methods. The measures make it clear that what are the best practices to use in today’s social networking industry from the original concept of stages of a quality strategic management system. The approach will outline the fundamental concept of acknowledging the applied quality strategic management which would aim at the consumers. The defining of the competitor edge provides the platform to reassure that the gained research data on networking is implemented successfully. According to Lynch’s (2009) article, the Dell Corporation focused on low-cost leadership in the computer industry that relied on operations and manufacturing skills. This approach provides the fundamental concept of current market industry trends to be succeeding in business on different platforms. The industry target market that represents businesses sizes of 500k-1million with a customer base of 3,500 to 8,000 can proactively hone on the beneficial aspects of delivering applications that address market concerns (Informationweek.com 2009). The industry competitive review of the concepts presented the streamline of criterion that allows a steady formation to synergize the core attributes of the product and service. The strategic fundamental aspect of establishing a strong IT strategic management scope within the organization is to achieve the desired goals and results. The IT strategic management scope can accomplish tasks outside of the normal activities within the confinement of the organization to acquire the outcome. The SaaS objective in the current market is too solely initiative IT management protocols for a successful implementation of a proposed plan initiative. The business identified industry competitive advantages in applications are in the internal processing selection methods. Some industry selection methods implement a prior strategic method. Such methods required a newer approach to determine which learning aspects critically improve business application. The IT industry scope selection processing methods are generally used to point out certain identifying categories for a better understanding of the fundamentals: a. The strategic measurement methods that are comparative SaaS approaches to installing new IT business applications every 90 days to be upon current trends. b.The IT technologies method that is constant for staff and stakeholders to provide the data involved to participants for a full understanding of the specified target market consumers of the organization.The IT technology defines as a set of the actual strategic management process that offers related selection models processes and the related controls of such functions. The IT controlled functions are consolidated and combined into a unified process for utilizing the selection processing models.

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Hi, need to submit a 2500 words paper on the topic Business Strategy and Organization in Information Technology Industry.
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