Hi, need to submit a 2000 words paper on the topic Mental Illness and Substance Abuse. In this respect, there exists a direct relation between psychology and individuals’ mental well-being (Cherry).Psychology empowers individuals to identify circumstances, find out the possible solution to any problem, react towards an imposed condition, commit to memory and thoughts, paving way for the cognitive outcome. A positive and motivated individual is sure to maintain harmony and discipline, thereby contribute to the development of society. Such individuals stay away from violence, preach non-violence, optimism and constructivism in thoughts, deeds and actions.A climate of change towards positivism and constructivism is the most resonating chapter in the stressful life of the current epoch as it is highly appreciated to generate a feeling of positive approach in every aspect of life (Cognitive Psychology).Any activity that affects the performance or behavior of an individual is designated as a behavior or mental process. The mental process encompasses different cognitive operations which are essential in the learning process, procuring knowledge, reasoning, memory or learning skills, perception and outlook, attention and ability to be alert and attentive, language skills and communication, thoughts and aptitude, emotions, decision making and problem-solving skills (What is cognitive psychology?).Psychology encompasses a thorough understanding of mental and behavior processes as it aids in being considerate towards brain functioning, communication and interpersonal predispositions, motivation and social behavior along with the physiological as well as neurological predilections. Psychology encompasses various aspects of human nature, comprising developmental aspects with which an individual is nurtured. The level of education, the understanding towards others, the outlook and insight of the individual (Psychology).

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Hi, need to submit a 2000 words paper on the topic Mental Illness and Substance Abuse.
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