Create a 12 pages page paper that discusses swot analysis for tesco managing information systems. Everybody knows that retail is one of the most competitive economics sectors. Shops, marketplaces, boutiques, super- and hypermarkets offer us a great choice of different goods. That’s why if any company has been taking the top positions for almost 10 years, – it is considered as a great success. Britain hypermarket net Tesco is one of such leaders. This company sails one-third of all foodstuffs in the country. Tesco can firmly be named as a “national shop”. Rich, average and poor customers can find the goods according to their wishes and financial abilities. At the beginning of 1990th Tesco took up the small category of the retail market for lower-income customers. The more expensive line for well-off customers was concerned with J. Sainsbury and Waitrose. Comfortable location, competitive prices, polite staff, a great variety of goods and products, mainly, circumspect development strategy helped Tesco to become a really national shop. It has happened neither due to only British goods are sold nor due to the state authorities discrimination of American “Wal Mart” or French “Carrefour. The national brand buildup took place thanks to Tesco owners and managers, who understood British customers wishes, whims and the mechanism of decision making. It became possible after using Management Information System (MIS). Tesco set close cooperation with University College London. The scientists offered new methods of gathering, checking, collating, review, storage, access, retrieval and update of statistics information of retail sells. Fed every second by Tesco’s 12 million Clubcard holders, the Crucible database could, in theory, generate about 12 billion pieces of data a year if each cardholder bought just 20 items a week. This information is analyzed very attentively. MIS helps managers to understand what goods are sold better together, to place them accordingly on the counters in supermarkets. Experts, who carry out such analysis for Tesco, insist that the company has one of the biggest customer databases in the world. At first, hypermarket provides constant (season, holiday, single) discounts for that goods and kinds of stuff, which customer buys oftener than others. At the end of a quarter each Clubcard holder gets a voucher, equivalent to the sum total, he spent in Tesco hypermarkets. Additionally, they are rewarded with coupons, which allow discounts to those goods, the customers can enjoy (according to MIS results). Surely, this generated information is based on the purchase data analysis. Management Information System (relevant module) defines the consumer goods basket, which can be potentially interested in a customer. During the quarter Tesco sells about 6 million letters with propositions of different discounts to loyal clients. Also, Tesco MIS provides detailed sells information, which allows placing the goods on the counters according to consumers’ tastes in each particular region or even independence of daytime. In the morning customers buy one kind of stuff, in the evening – another.

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Create a 12 pages page paper that discusses swot analysis for tesco managing information systems.
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