Complete 1 page APA formatted article: Communication Technology and It’s Positive Effect on American Lives. Communication Technology and it’s Positive Effect on American Lives According to Horrigan (2007), forty nine percent of Americans intensively use technology and are satisfied with the developments it has made in terms of communication. These forty nine percent of Americans use communication technology both at work and at home to enhance their productivity along with sustaining a better lifestyle. Communication technology has developed vastly in the past few years to bring information and people closer to each other.Communication technology has facilitated working mothers through internet streaming of live camera views of their baby in the day care or at home. It has made way for mothers to feel more secure and comfortable in leaving their children at home and be more productive at work (Lerner et al, 2003). On the same plane, security agencies have used communication technology to place cameras that can be remotely viewed in streets, shopping malls and for home owners- improving on a more secure environment. Both these usages have made a more secure and convenient life for the American people.In terms of information, America has been exposed to international media and people now have access to another point of view of politics, social development and can learn about different cultures which they could not before. The access to media is just the beginning where social networking on the internet has brought the entire world at the stroke of a key (Horrigan, 2007). Opinions are now formed in a better way and wars are not just declared but opinionated.Communication technology- whether it be cellular phones, Internet, video Calls or any other form has left its mark to enhance the existing comforts of American people and to give a whole new perspective on education and learning along the way. With many critics along the way, communication technology has yet to face a negative use that may restrict its use.Bibliography:Horrigan, J. B. (2007). A Typology of Information and Communication Technology Users. Pew Internet & American Life Project.Lerner, R. M. et al. (2003). The Encyclopedia of Human Ecology.

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Complete 1 page APA formatted article: Communication Technology and It’s Positive Effect on American Lives.
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