Quiz: Unit 3: Quiz- Chapter 4X*Homework Help – Q&A from Onlir x+XCcanvas.park.edu/courses/54289/quizzes/491098/takevou Pre-health major in…vcu Admission require…ts eServices | VCU Tec… DMADEA DHCAS: Appli. Bb eLearning Login -…W 2nd sourceG Final Exam Study G. @ If You Need Help C.DQuestion 141 ptsOLevels of MeasurementNote that levels of measurement will only be used once.An index of political participation with a rangefrom 5 to 45[ Choose ][ Choose ]?Age, defined as child, young adult, adult, andseniorNominalOrdinalGender: male or femaleIntervalRatioNumber of siblings[ Choose ]DQuestion 151 ptsProbability Sampling MethodsO12:33

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Question 1Group of answer choicestemperature in Celsiusweight in poundsattitudes on a Likert-type scalerace
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