Need help with my writing homework on Facebook Growth, Challenges And Milestones. Write a 1000 word paper answering; More users are signed each day. Despite of the great achievement, the company is facing stiff challenges such as competition by the micro blogging service “Twitter”, managing the needs and expectations of young, tech savvy adopters who need more open social interactions, maintaining the old users who require limited and selective social realms and the radical changes on the user’s home pages. The face book quest to become the leading social interaction website and an essential business and personal networking tool for all who are connected is being hampered by massive challenges such as competition from rival firms, privacy issues, lawsuits as well as need to provide better interaction services while still maintaining its credibility. This paper discuses the contradicting opinions aired by the users and members against those of the face book management and executive arm. The main emphasis of the paper are the recent radical changes in face book home page that has drawn contradicting views from its 200 million users. After a detailed review of the article the reader generates conclusive decisions that can be adopted by the company.Rhetorical analysisThe main purpose of the article is to expose the many challenges faced by Facebook in spite of there success. The author stipulates that, even though Facebook registrations have grown massively, there is no time for celebration due to the challenges faced by the firm and the milestone achievement expected by the executive arm of the corporation. The author illustrates how the recent changes in Face book home pages have seriously devastated customers especially those who prefer limiting their friends and privacy. By collecting materials and information from the company’s executives and the general public as well as reviewing published work concerning the new WebPages, the author seeks to enlighten the general public about the shortfalls of Face book as well as exposing the management inconsiderate view to customer’s complaints. To analyze the current quagmire facing the company, the author relies on speeches made by the management, photos, messages from Facebook company to show its importance as a socializing ecosystem site as well as critic its current unconcern and inconsiderate nature towards it customers who aren’t comfortable with new interaction methods. The author also evaluates speeches, articles and messages written and posted by the members with a view of gaining imperative information about the problem. The author also provides statistical evidence to prove that the company expansion theorem without considering the needs and complains of the people is un-justified and un-achievable. According to the writer’s perspectives, there are two main views expressed by the author. The executive’s views, who feel that they have the dream of the company at hand and will do anything to propel the company forward and the Facebook users who feel that they have a right to democracy and they can propose what they like. On the management side, their main aim is to promote more socialism on the Webpage’s and enhance interactions. According to the executives, strategizing to get more customers, attracting the young tech-savvy members, enhancing interaction and socialization, enforcing rules and regulation, allowing web pages to update immediately without refreshing the page, getting more clients, promoting advertisement on their site to earn more profits are their main aim. As Zuckerberg states, it is possible for a prime minister to get in touch with school teachers.

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Need help with my writing homework on Facebook Growth, Challenges And Milestones. Write a 1000 word paper answering;
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